Łukasz Kałafut

I like planning non-standard actions and selling unpenetrated areas. I think analytically and know how to draw conclusions.

years of experience
in the e-commerce / creation industry

Work ethos and development direction

I work on online campaigns because this field actually interests me. I know how to choose my co-workers, I know the value of the creative work and I know the rates in online campaigns. If I don’t have enough data I know how to quickly obtain it:)

  • I like working on long-term complex projects which require knowledge on the user’s online activity and in which interactions can be planned and optimized in terms of sales.
  • I know how to asses individual project stages in order to reconcile limitations with possibilities. I efficiently optimize processes.
  • I like talking about the ongoing projects, but within the clearly specified competence. I don’t like when tenacity gets mistaken for professionalism.
  • I believe in technology and try to have the widest access to it in online campaign / e-commerce optimization processes.

Sales promotion designing




Interpersonal skills


Performance marketing

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I design sales promotion creations. I plan media and, if needed, I know how to launch an online campaign

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I use the Adobe Creative Suites on a daily basis. I know office suites because they make work easier.
I rely on the cloud computing.

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Husband and father.
Nice guy ;)

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I can draw by hand and I design for the love of it. I swim and exercise because I like to be in a good shape.

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